Pro3 Spring Promo

Campaign for a buy-in reward program to improve sales for national HVAC distributor. 

What we did

In collaboration with a leading HVAC Distributor, our agency launched a campaign to improve sales by offering a tiered rewards program with a new line of work gear designed specifically for HVAC contractors. We designed and produced a new brand of work gear, Pro3.  To achieve this goal, we leveraged several marketing tactics including direct mail, promotional booklets, email, instore display and branch TVs. We wanted to create a cohesive and immersive campaign that would engage contractors at every touchpoint.

How I contributed 

  • Production Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Photography & Video

We created a series of email and direct mail touchpoints that targeted contractors with different offers and promotions. 

We also utilized branch TVs with motion graphics to showcase products and promotion.

To reinforce the messaging at the point of purchase, we created in-store displays that featured the work gear prominently. 

To support the campaign I produced commercial ready photo and video assets to be used in the campaign.  

As a result of our campaign, sales of the new line of work gear surpassed expectations, and our client was thrilled with the results.

The combination of touchpoints created a powerful and cohesive campaign that engaged contractors at every touchpoint and ultimately drove sales.

Goodman / Daikin

Manufacturing & Industrials

Campaign, Motion Design


Project Team
Zach Hallum
Photography / Video / Production Design / Motion Graphics