Soulside Brewing


A 1970’s old school themed brand identiy for a Oregon brewer with soul.

What I did

I designed a brand experience that captures the lively hop filled libations Soulsides brews.  By developing a classic aesthetic to celebrate its past and fun themed beers that keep it lively. 

How I contributed 

  • Concept Generation
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design

This updated logo systempart of a full rebrand including packagingprovides a look that’s fun and clean, while staying true to the brand’s roots.

Soulside has been an integral part of the Oregon craft beer scene since it first opened its doors 33 years ago. 

You like themed beer labels? We sure do – Soulwax is one of our favorites. Sip slowly.

Soulside Brewing

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Brand Identity


Project Team
Zach Hallum