Warranty Platform

A custom warranty registration & management system.

What we did

We partnered with Aspen Manufacturing to create a new digital tool for their employees and customers to register and manipulate product warranties. Researched, designed and built a platform for ease of use for end customers and employees to service product registrations and claims.

How I contributed 

  • Research
  • Concept Generation
  • Flow Mapping
  • Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project Management

We took the product requirements and went to work. We did flow mapping, experience design, prototyping, visual design, database structure, normalize data and frontend development.

We had to meticulously make a customer experience that would add value and be easy to use. The admin end of the site is also just as important to build a product that essential for employees to use and manage their work.

We are dealing with a dense amount of data. The visual design of information and forms need to be consistent and clear.

Aspen Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Industrials

Product Design,
Digital Design


Project Team
Zach Hallum
Project Manager / UX Design & Flow

Michael M
Database / Software Engineer